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Persson's STICK A GRIP is a heavy duty handle that attaches to packages and makes heavy and bulky packages easy to carry. STICK A GRIP's material is flexible so it forms comfortably to the hand.STICK A GRIP can be made in any color and can include customized graphics. STICK A GRIP can be printed with your logotype in your company’s colors. It can be made for special and promotional events, holidays and regular events. STICK A GRIP comes standard in blue, yellow and green.STICK A GRIP is made from resilient HDPE with a carrying weight up to 10 kg/22 lbs.It has two adhesive areas on each end that stick to almost any clean paper or plastic surface. STICK A GRIP is quick to attach and provides a reliable handle.STICK A GRIP is made for the most common consumer goods packages. STICK A GRIP provides a comfortable grip and is applicable for package widths up to 25 cm/10in. STICK A GRIP allows your customer to carry home more from your store. Display STICK A GRIP at the checkout in your store. It fits conveniently in a pocket. Customers can keep them at home, in the car, or in the office for instant use for any occasion. STICK A GRIP is great for electronic goods, beverage boxes, any household products and much more. Stock up today to make it easier and faster for the consumer to bring home your products.